TBI with PCS Research Studies

Many medical facilities don’t know how to recognize TBI so find links below.

Leading Medical Studies:

Traumatic Brain Injury - TBI with long term Post Concussion Syndrome - PCS


Mayo Clinic


Long Term Effects Studies of DR Yaffe and DR Barnes:

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Deborah E. Barnes, PhD, MPH1,2,3Amy L. Byers, PhD, MPH1,2,3Raquel C. Gardner, MD1,4

Work In-Progress

Jama Network


Optical Neuropathy after Mild TBI

Rethinking Concussion Treatment | Dr. Balaguru Ravi | TEDxBuffalo

Dr. Balaguru Ravi showcases his research on concussions and explains why our current thoughts on treatment may be outdated. Dr. Balaguru Ravi discusses a new evidence based treatment approach using subthreshold aerobic exercise for patients and athletes who suffer from concussions at TEDx Buffalo 2019.