Auto Insurance companies hire big high powered law firms that don’t play by the book to mitigate claims at any cost.  These attorneys and their well paid experts make victims out to be liars to avoid their responsibility to fairly compensate injured people.  These frivolous tactics include defense practices designed to “deny, delay and defend any claims.

Sadly, the Victims of car accidents are met with years of trial delays and often file for bankruptcy due to huge medical debts.  The debts arise when doctors charge full price because they assume insurance will pay once settled.  Attorneys negotiate down these bills hence why they raise the price.  It’s a vicious game of who gets paid first and the most.  Victims usually end up with only 20% after all the expenses and medical bills are paid.  When the litigation process goes on for years, the victims are never repaid for their deductibles or out of pocket expenses when doctors want to paid up front at the time of service. 

Insurance Curruption

State Farm

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