Prayers Open Doors in Cyber

Much prayer opened a door to see something that has been missed in cyber security since 1986.  


For the first time in history a security company looks at your business unit domains and subdomains just like the cyber bad guys do.


You will learn about the single most cause of most malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnets with DNS-layer security.


Business Case:

Large majority of companies and government agencies simply will not know what domains and subdomains are being redirected or when data is being collated and harvested.


This is not a “Sophisticated Attack because it lacks the most basic security controls of key Internet business client-facing external domains and subdomains.

Recent IDC Study Results:


  • 43% of organizations do not use a security solution built into a DNS server and 62% are still not using auto-remediation to ensure the security of the services.


  • Almost a quarter (24%) had Intellectual Property (IP) or sensitive data stolen as a result of a DNS attack.43% of respondents were victims of Ransomware. Despite the risks posed by employees accessing unsanctioned cloud applications, 61% have not made Shadow IT a priority for its business in 2022. DNS has been proven as a primary solution to detect shadow IT in 51% of organizations.


  • In fact, 95% of all cyberattacks that rely upon poorly maintained external DNS including Malware and Bots. (Dr Mockapetris and Dr Paul Vixie). 


1986 Dr Paul Mockapetris developed Domain Name System (DNS) which was accepted globally as one of the first Internet Protocols. When a DNS Zone is Unsecure, it is bad, REALLY bad.'' Dr. Paul VIxie.

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE),


Executive Orders 14028 / 13636, Zero Trust Architecture, NIST, and the European council on cybersecurity sited one common risk over 1,000 times.

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