Safety Nets of Hope

So many families don’t receive any counseling after a brain injury. 

The invisible injury to outsiders. Family caretakers take their frustrations on the patient rather that venting to a trained counselor to help in these tough times.

As a safety net of hope one group recognized this and offers services.   

After suffering a  #Braininjury the new normal can be frightening because depending on the injury level, long term post concussion syndrome can be very impactful. 

Most are just afraid to ask…

Going to #counseling does not mean you are crazy, it’s designed as a tool you can use to help you feel better about your life now and even more hopeful about the future.

Positive Reinforcement

  • Compliments and recognition
  • Pats on the back, smiles, and high-fives
  • Posting progress awards a place of honor
  • Personal achievement with choice of fun family activities

Just for Giggles

They said it would be fun playing with the kids...

Scotty's brain just thinks differently as a Chronically Capable individual now, after surviving four brain injuries in 2015 that changed his life forever. God continues to open amazing doors.


Most leaders are concerned about the mental wellness during these uncertain times.


- Stress and anxiety

- Competing priorities

- Mental exhaustion


As a veteran, giving up is simply unacceptable. I recently tested of the first smartphone app that requires no downloads. The app gave a unique sense of awe and purpose encouragement during very difficult times. The results were team recognition twice at the global annual town-hall.


Let’s make souls shine together!


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You Have Purpose so listen to Patricia Bahia's "Please Hold On"

Crisis Help

Mental health is a serious concern in our society. Speaking about suicide or suicidal ideations is not an easy topic. If you notice that someone is isolating, giving away prized possessions, or making comments such as, “I wish I could go to sleep and not wake up” or “when I’m not here, things will be better,” ask them if they are thinking about ending their life. I know it is a difficult question, but it is worth asking. One resource is the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Please keep this number. Someone you know may need it one day.