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Progress with Prayers:


Homes for Heroes Foundation

Help heroes in dire need as it pertains to housing or emergency financial assistance.

Those who bravely serve and sacrifice for us.  We are proud to share this campaign so give what you can at Homes for Heroes website


Gary Sinise Foundation Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment (R.I.S.E.) program. 

Specially adapted smart homes to mobility devices and adaptive vehicles, the R.I.S.E. program addresses the varying needs of veterans and first-responders on their road to recovery and pathway to greater independence.

Give what you can today


Saint Jude's Children's Hospital Give What You Can Today


A Big Salute to the great work!

Smartphone Cognitive Game Makers.



If the other brain training apps on this list aren’t game-like enough for you, try out Cognito. There are stories to follow — like secret agents and global spy missions — with powerful brain training tests built in. It has all of the features you’ll find in other apps, focusing on memory, logic, word mini-games, and stats to track your skill progression. It is only available on iOS, but if you use Apple’s Health app you can pull in data like steps and sleep to see how these other elements are affecting your brain health. 




This is one of the most popular brain training apps and it’s created with both scientists and game designers. The researchers take tasks that have been used for decades to measure cognitive ability and the designers create engaging, exciting games to fit our contemporary tastes. The games are also great for people of all ages, so you can get you kids involved or, if you’re a teacher, your students! There are more than sixty games in three categories: cognition, math, and language. You take a baseline test, perform brain training workouts, and then track your scores to give you insight on your improvement over time.





Get the Facts with Leading Medical Studies:

Mayoclinic - Give What You Can Today


Traumatic Brain Injury - TBI with long term Post Concussion Syndrome - PCS


Mayo Clinic


Long Term Effects Studies of DR Yaffe and DR Barnes:

Donate to Research 

Deborah E. Barnes, PhD, MPH1,2,3Amy L. Byers, PhD, MPH1,2,3Raquel C. Gardner, MD1,4

Work In-Progress

Jama Network


Optical Neuropathy after Mild TBI




Breakthrough SmartDevices are Making a Difference!

You can become a Child Online Protection ambassador spreading the message to other families with the help from Disney today.  Circle Home Plus the 2nd Gen in Parental Controls - Internet & Mobile Devices.  It works on Wifi, Android & iOS Devices and offers control apps and time limits plus super easy block & filter of inappropriate content.

Family Safe Product with 1-Yr Subscription  

Click here to review the latest breakthroughs in protection for the entire family.



Dario Health (Stock Ticker DRIO)   

Little known undervalued public #digitaltherapeutics #diabetesmanagement company. 

This revolutionary SmartTech mobile app coaches Diabetic patients to manage their blood glucose levels better than anything on the market. Especially helpful for children that load up on diet soda then crash which is very dangerous type 1 and 2 diabetic patients.  Pass this forward to everywhere help others less fortunate today.   Reminder:  Buy plenty of test strips for this amazing device.


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Ultra Violet - UV sterilizers


Help kill mold, germs, in the home and on the go.

UV Robots


Portable UV Sterilizers

Great on the go portable UV sterilizer for those baby foofee pacifiers, and smartphones.




Planning for Events:

We also plan to host online eSports video gaming events. We host two large events per year for gamers of all skill and experience levels.  


The proceeds from our events go straight to charity. We love throwing awesome events and raising money for local and national charities.


Gamers will link their computers or consoles to play a wide range of multiplayer games. It's not just for competitive gamers who want to play in tournaments, but also for the hobbyist gamer who enjoys playing their favorite game with friends. Every gamer who checks into a BigCrayon event is also eligible to win prizes in our event raffle. These prizes are made possible by our gracious sponsors!


We are 100% volunteer driven, and greatly appreciate the generosity of our sponsors!