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If the other brain training apps on this list aren’t game-like enough for you, try out Cognito. There are stories to follow — like secret agents and global spy missions — with powerful brain training tests built in. It has all of the features you’ll find in other apps, focusing on memory, logic, word mini-games, and stats to track your skill progression. It is only available on iOS, but if you use Apple’s Health app you can pull in data like steps and sleep to see how these other elements are affecting your brain health. Give it a try from you smartphone today!  COGNITO



This is one of the most popular brain training apps and it’s created with both scientists and game designers. The researchers take tasks that have been used for decades to measure cognitive ability and the designers create engaging, exciting games to fit our contemporary tastes. The games are also great for people of all ages, so you can get you kids involved or, if you’re a teacher, your students! There are more than sixty games in three categories: cognition, math, and language. You take a baseline test, perform brain training workouts, and then track your scores to give you insight on your improvement over time. Give it a try! 


Better Gaming Performance with DNS Tune-Up

Special thanks to our family safe partners at CloudFlare we can now eliminate gaming slow-downs with one simple tune-up. 

Change your WIFI settings on all devices from Automatic mode to Manual DNS.

At the bottom of most WIFI connections a default is letting the bad guys trash our Internet router tables. 

Add these new IP4 Servers

Add these new IP6 Servers

Remove all other entries.
SAVE the settings

Repeat for all device with connected WIFI.


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