First Steps to Your New Normal After Brain Injury

The hardest question most patients have during their therapy and recovery from a TBI is….  now what?

Many are on top of their career and now they cannot even see straight or balance themselves.

The following steps with prayers for progress on your journey for your new normal.  

Even the simplest routines can bring hope and encouragement to families that care for a loved one with an invisible brain injury.


It's so important to start right away by practicing even the simplest consistent repeatable steps every day.  


Start by setting up simple routines at home with repeatable routines for incremental milestones, and above all celebrate every win together.


Brain exercises are absolutely exhausting after an injury so don’t get too frustrated even thought it can be frightening.


It pays to have a sense of humor because the journey is really hard when at times you will not be smarter than a fifth grader. The ability to laugh at mistakes and keep pushing on with this being part your ninja toughness toward your new normal. 



Don’t stop believing song for encouragement. 


Blue Berries For TBI Recovery
Practice Your Ninja Skills

Step One - Accelerated Healing with Exercise and Blue Berries Please!

TBI patients can accelerate their recovery by participating in simple rehabilitation exercise to gain strength, coordination, and balance. 

Buy a small box of blueberries from the grocery to practice lining them up two by two on a fork.  Morning breakfast is important and this practice helps with hand to eye coordination.  

Find your new normal after a brain injury with Neuroplasticity that CAN help the brain find new connections by performing repetitive tasks and skills. 

Participation in a program in mild aerobic exercises that are repetitive will promote neuron connections and recovery. Furthermore, aerobic exercises can help enhance hippocampal size, thus increasing spatial memory and the brain’s executive function.

Your condition will make you slow down, so taking deep breaths, and refocusing your mind as a great amygdala exercise.

Learn something new builds new neural pathways.

Regular aerobic exercise boosts blood flow to your brain, and also boosts the size of your hippocampus.

Regularly exercising for 20 to 40 minutes at least three times a week can significantly benefit one’s cognition and cardiovascular health. 

It’s important to start with mild to moderate intensity workouts, like walking or swimming. 

  1. Mental exercise
  2. Eat Fish
  3. Drink Coffee
  4. Eat Blueberries
  5. Eat Dark Chocolate
  6. Practice Mindfulness

The comeback journey takes daily   practice with repetition like putting one foot in front of the other.

Brain Suppliments

Promotes Brain Injury Recovery
The study found that both lion's mane mushroom and coriolus versicolor (another type of mushroom also known as turkey tail)exhibitneuroprotective effects against the inflammation and oxidative stress often associated with TBI.  
Forbes Magazine

Neurologist Doctors

Doctor Sandi Isaacson is a talented neuropsychologist that didn't give up on me like the five doctors before her.  Many of the doctors will recommended filing for 100% disability. Persistence pays off with the doctors watching the clock with their seven minute rule to maximize profits. Keep searching until you find one that listens and writes things down offering positive encouragement. 

Step Two - Smartphone Cognitive Games

Download mobile apps to practice daily on your smartphone.  

The more practice the more frustration toward future achievements and confidence.


Practice these games and one day, no one will play these games against you!


Dynamic Cognitive Training. A good workout requires variety, versatility and flexibility. Brainwell's ® games target and challenge multiple cognitive domains. Play our games and challenge your memory, attention, critical thinking, problem solving, language and visual skills.


Lumosity takes tasks from the lab and turns them into fun games. Daily Work out with a fresh set of games each day to keep you challenged. Detailed progress tracking helps maintain your brain training habit.


Stay sharp, build confidence, and boost productivity. Brain training personalized for you.

Step 3 - Bionic Reading Method

Traumatic braining reading ithe key tsurvival.

Step Four - Dragon Mobile Dictation

You can download Dragon Dictation app for iPhone or Android absolutely free or charge. Open the Dragon Dictation app. Set the Region you are in. It is required to precise the language of recognition. Choose the Tap and Dictate button and begin to dictate. When you are through, tap the Stop button. You will see a written text of your message.

Anyone who experiences a TBI worries about what they have not written down that can help provide their life work legacy.  For some, this is urgent just as a memory returns that must be captured right now.

Release Your Troubles

Gain positive reinforcement and immersion experiences to take your mind off your challenges.