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Where Broken Crayons Still Color


Story of Military Grade Determination Where Giving Up Is Unacceptable


One Navy veteran's tragedy turns a TBI with PCS impacting neuro-cognitive function of balance, vision, and hearing after surviving a car accident that changed his life forever.  Remaining military strong, learns to read and write again with the help of mobile dictation tools and smartphone cognitive games.  He learns to laugh at what he calls his "Forest Gump" moments builds the spirit of determination for a comeback.   


Chronically Capable

After four brain injuries life will never be the same but it pays to have a sense of humor and remaining military grade tough each day helps.

It has taken five years of neuro-cognitive therapy but very thankful, grateful, and blessed in hopes to encourage others less fortunate.  

It pays to have a sense of humor when forgetting even the simplest of things often stumbling with my words and numbers. For awhile I feel like I’m back in the great game of business, then the next moment it’s what Scotty calls his  Forest Gump time.


All felt hopeless when a former NFL doctor measured four brain injuries and the Neurologist shared they were impacting his cognitive reasoning, speech, hearing, and balance.  The doctors and the family attorney advised them to file for disability right away but that's just not Scotty. Medical bills overtook all major credit cards and the lake side home that they had work so hard for was on the verge of foreclosure. By tapping both retirement plans they managed to keep our lake place.


Miracles Happen

Nuance Mobile Dictation Tool

When Scotty could not read or write well, a mobile dictation tool enabled his capture of award winning methods before they may be gone forever. After years of cognitive therapy,  he learns to read and write again with mobile dictation tools and cognitive games that now offer hope for other Traumatic brain injury survivors.  Now he practices by dictating blog articles about the latest breakthroughs in early detection and treatments offer hope and purpose for other Traumatic brain injury survivors.