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Our 501(c)(3)

Mission: Helping Traumatic Brain Injury patients with Post Concussion Syndrome become Chronically Capable.



  • Provides - The latest mobile device cognitive games, and caregiver support groups.


  • Practice - Daily routines to build the confidence each day toward a new normal.


It's imperative to stay focused practicing simple steps every day, stay persistent in gain small achievements, and celebrate every win.


Giving back Progress with Prayers.







Traumatic Brain Injury

TEDxLiège shares "Brain concussion - Shake it and you break it"  by Steven Laureys MD PhD.  We offer Research Studies as well.

Miracles Happen

Anthony Washington wrote a book about this veteran’s comeback story.  It's a good short read for today's managers with remote teams. 

Christian Dillstrom of Top Person Digital Magazine is helping share it globally to maximize benefits. You can help the book become a best seller by passing it forward!