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Mission: Helping Traumatic Brain Injury patients with Post Concussion Syndrome become Chronically Capable.



  • Provides the latest mobile device cognitive games, and caregiver support groups.


  • Practices simple Daily routines to build the confidence each day toward a new normal.


It's imperative to stay focused practicing simple steps every day, stay persistent in gain small achievements, and celebrate every win.


Giving back Progress with Prayers.









Source: CDC

Disabilities arising from cognitive, emotional, sensory, and motor impairments are not readily apparent to the public–unlike a broken leg, for example–is why TBI is referred to as the invisible epidemic. 

For the estimated 5.3 million Americans who live with a TBI-related disability, the financial cost is only part of the burden. The long-term impairments and disabilities associated with TBI are grave, and the full human cost is incalculable. 

Traumatic Brain Injury

TEDx "Brain concussion - Shake it and you break it"  by Steven Laureys MD PhD.  We offer Research Studies as well.

Miracles Happen

Anthony Washington wrote a book about this veteran’s comeback story.  It's a good short read for today's managers with remote teams. 

Christian Dillstrom of Top Person Digital Magazine is helping share it globally to maximize benefits. You can help the book become a best seller by passing it forward!